Fleet Marine Life #129 – Sandwich

2012-01-27-fleetmarinelife129 - Sandwich

Military life is tough on marriages. With the man being away for most of the time, the wife is often left alone and driven insane by the loneliness. With both the spouses being away most of the time, this leads to a higher chance of infidelity and divorce.

Here’s a typical story:

The wife cheats on the husband. The husband confronts his wife about it. The wife threatens to take the kids and take everything he’s got. The husband loses his shit and pimp-slaps her. Next thing you know, PMO is over their ass like stink on shit.

Once that ring goes on that woman’s finger, there’s a good chance that she’ll become a different person. I’ve never been married before, but I have heard the same things about marriage over and over again. None of it sounds good at all.

If you want to get married, don’t do it in the military. There is a high chance that you two will be divorced.


According to this recent article, the Marine Corps has a divorce rate of 3.6% in 2011. That’s for one year! Imagine the divorce rate in a 4 year period.

Beating spouses since 1775.