Fleet Marine Life #131 – The Projects

2012-02-05-fleetmarinelife131 - The Projects

When I was leaving Camp Pendleton, I saw a new barracks being built across the street. There was a sign in front of that area that listed a bunch of details. On it was a picture of what appeared to be a model of a Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Under that was, “Cost : 124 Million.” And these barracks never get completed. If they do get completed, it certainly won’t be on your enlistment!

Meanwhile, our barracks would be rotting itself to hell.

Can’t the bureaucrats just split that money among the current barracks that are falling apart instead of having Marines spend their own money fixing shit that they don’t need to be fixing? My neighbor’s ceiling collapsed because the guy above him had his toilet explode and flood his floor. During that month, everyone’s toilet was exploding.

In Okinawa, my entire company was moved to another barracks next door. Holy shit, that barracks was so fucking disgusting. There was mold everywhere. I mean, that shit would be growing on the ceiling, the floor, the walls, in your refrigerator, in the bathtub, I mean everywhere. One of my Marines thought he had a dead guy in his tub. It was a hard-fought battle, but in the end, we won against the mold. If you see mold, kill it with bleach before it fucks your shit up.

The Most Ghetto Barracks Award goes to:

At war with mold since 1775.