Fleet Marine Life #137 – Part One: The Dependapotomus Strikes Back

2012-03-05-fleetmarinelife137 - Part One The Dependapotomus Strikes Back

This is the story of the only decent SNCO I’ve ever had.  Rank never really mattered in our shop, because we respected each other as human beings.  We only addressed him as “Staff Sergeant” when there were people who outranked him around; otherwise he was “Boss”.  He may have been a SSgt, but if we had a project going on, he’d be right there next to us doing whatever we were doing.  He was extremely driven and in 12 years as an infantryman, he had managed to get two masters degrees.  He wanted to get out, go back home and start up a business, he already had everything financed and ready to go, everything was set.

Less than 48 hours after his EAS, his psychotic wife had him arrested.  I later learned (By willfully disregarding my Captain and 1stSgt’s orders) that apparently she was receiving money from the state of California for her kids (one of whom is disabled) and was also receiving money from the marine corps for the kids, and she decided that, if he left the marine corps, she would lose some of the money she had been receiving.  They were already separated and well on their way to divorce, but he stopped by that night to see his kids before he went home to get his business started.  His wife pounced on the opportunity and started screaming bloody murder to alert the neighbors and then called the cops.

Apparently in California (I’m not sure about other states), if you call the cops for domestic abuse and, when the cops show up, you say certain key words and phrases, the cops have to arrest the other person or else they get in trouble.  So take note, if you’re going to make the mistake of marrying a psychotic bitch in the state of California, make sure she’s too dumb to figure out what the key words and phrases are.

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