Fleet Marine Life #140 – Recruiter Lied

2012-03-31-fleetmarinelife140 - Recruiter Lied

Recruiters are smooth talking salesmen that are there to make sure you sell your soul to Uncle Sam for 4 years. Recruiters need bodies or else their careers will go in the shitter. Pretty much every single recruiter is a careerist forced beyond his will to recruit. They need bodies and they will get it by any means necessary. They will definitely lie. They honestly don’t give a shit if they don’t meet their end of the bargain.

My recruiter didn’t lie to me. He simply misled me. He put me in front of this book with a list of fields. Each field had a list of MOSes. I chose a field that looked good, because it had the MOS I wanted. Fast-forward a few months later and I get my MOS. Something I didn’t want. I thought to myself, “No way. This does not sound like anything in the field I chose.”

I look in my SRB and lo-and-behold, my MOS is in that field… sandwiched between all the wanted MOSes.

Recruiters can lie and they will get away with it. If they promise something, you need evidence. You will need such promises in writing.

On ihatetheUSMC.com, a former Marine wrote:

“The Marine Corps really is like a huge shit sandwich… some recruiters might tell you a little about the shit but definetely not too much. Yes, they acknowledge the shit is there, but what they do is they try to cover it up, they talk about benefits, country, school, steady paycheck, medical care, duty to something greater than yourself, all this moto, psuedo-patriotic, and at times, self-interested bullshit.. But really what they’re really doing is trying to cover up the shit , basically, if you read between the lines,  they’re saying ” Yes, I know it’s a shit sandwich, but check it out, we put some tomatoes on it, some pickles, some ranch, some onions, some bacon, a little ketchup and mustard.. it can’t taste that bad after all this awesome stuff that comes with it..” and then, you sign the contract and there you are, just eating this disgusting shit sandwich, and all the topping’s in the world can’t and won’t make this shit sandwich taste better, I’d give it all back just to be a civilian.. If you’re reading this and intend to enlist/re-enlist.. don’t, just don’t, go, live a normal life..”

Getting the wrong MOS since 1775.