Fleet Marine Life #145 – Bridge to Nowhere

2012-04-18-fleetmarinelife145 - Bridge to Nowhere

America has been at war (undeclared) with Afghanistan and Iraq for almost a decade. The war in Iraq and Afghanistan doesn’t really contribute to the end of terrorism. After World War 2, America did a lot of shit behind closed doors that pissed off everyone. Until our government stops meddling in other people’s problems, people around the world are going to continue being pissed off at the US.

These wars are costing hundreds of billions of dollars per year, and what is there to show for it? Nothing. No end in sight.

I tried contacting my senators and representatives asking when the end of the war was going to be, but they always make up some bullshit about “pulling out carefully.” Translation: Next year. Translation of the translation: Next decade.

Http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0933935.html (Cost of wars)

Can you imagine how much good can be produced with the $1.29 trillion that have been spent so far on these wars? Think of how much good we can do in OUR own country. Think of how many local American problems could be solved. It’s almost unimaginable.

Politicians do it all for the money. The money is constantly lining the pockets of corrupt politicians who don’t have to fight or send their kids to fight. Instead, they promote more wars in more places where the US doesn’t have to be. War is a racket that can be very profitable for those on the inside.

Obama removed all the troops out of Iraq, but we still have thousands of contractors in Iraq and a gigantic embassy. Appearances can be deceiving. This is one of the many ways how politicians play their silly game.


As of now, America is in $15.6 trillion in debt (FederalBudget.com)! Where is the government going to get that money? Taxes make people go crazy, so that’s a bad idea. The government always chooses inflation, which is like a tax but slower. After some period of time, anyone carrying dollars will suffer mysteriously higher prices at the pump, at the market, or wherever.

The people are waking up to the corruption and are getting more restless everyday. The government is seeing this and is combating the civil unrest by taking away our civil liberties (See SOPA and NDAA) and sicking their policemen on normal everyday citizens. These are dark times for America and we should all be watching the people who are supposed to be protecting us.

The only true end to the government’s silly game is when they become broker than broke. The US is broke now, but they can be broker than broke (See post WWI Germany). It looks like we’re on that path and everyone is going to suffer.

Pissing away money since 1775.