Fleet Marine Life #149 – Publications

2012-05-23-fleetmarinelife149 - Publications

There’s nothing quite as insane as cleaning in cammies at 2am in the morning. My higher ups, for some insane reason, are obsessed with cleaning. Not just them, but every other higher up I have come across. Universally throughout the Corps, all higher ups just want their junior Marines to field day their rooms for 8 hours every Thursday. Now, we don’t live in a spacious room. It’s something like a 15 x 15 foot room. 8 hours to clean a 15 x 15 foot area per week. That’s with 2 people.

Clean to normal people means: not sticky, smells fine, not dirty. Something along those lines. Clean to higher ups means that there cannot be any spec of dust anywhere. Even inside the hollow areas of your chair. One piece of lint means more cleaning.

Why waste so much time on something so trivial?

Higher ups justify this trivial waste of time as an essential part of every day Marine life. To summarize these words, “Field days win wars.”

I have concluded that my higher ups equate cleaning with warfighting.

http://www.clausewitz.com/readings/mcdp1.pdf (Original Publication)

On a side note, I am positive that no one reads any of these pubs nor do they talk about them. It’s something shops keep around to feel “more smarter.”

Cleaning since 1775.