Fleet Marine Life #2 – Day 1000

2011-03-28-fleetmarinelife2 - Day 1000

Usually when a Marine is fresh out of boot camp, he is highly motivated with his high and stupid (high and tight) and full of Oorahs and Semper Fis. Usually this is all he can say at this point. Then it evolves from that to Yut, Yut, Yut to Errrrs and finally to the point where nothing is said because of all the non-evolved Marines who usually say something (e.g Yut and Ers). And if a highly evolved Marine needs to respond, then that response will be an Er and only ONE Er.

Now as time passes, this highly motarded Marine will be withered down to a shell of his once former self. What withers such a Marine down? Well, you’ll have to find out in the future comics.

Cream Corn, K.