Fleet Marine Life #3 – Take a Bite Out of Crime

2011-03-29-fleetmarinelife3 - Take a Bite Out of Crime

I would be lying to you if I said this never happened. If the Military Police sent their dogs after you and it bit you, you would probably just give up. Not bite the dog back.

In case you don’t know, Marines are dumb. I’m no exception. We all are. Once we sign that contract at the nearest Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS), our brain just takes a vacation. When does your brain come back from vacation? Cpl Person from Generation Kill best says it.

Cpl. Josh Ray Person: You know what happens when you get out of the Marine Corps? You get your brains back.

This guy in the comics is what you refer to as, “That Guy.” The average Marine who is sick and tired of maltreatment in the Corps. He needs an escape from reality and the cheap plane he is steering is named drunkenness and alcohol is his co-pilot. It usually ends in the Marine waking up and realizing that he has created a problem. Mine usually involves me taking 2 hour showers and cleaning up my room for 3 hours on a Monday afternoon.

Alcohol is my co-pilot. K.