Fleet Marine Life #34 – Hand Jam

2011-04-29-fleetmarinelife34 - Hand Jam


One thing that bothered me was that some of my bosses were illiterate. I mean, this one Sergeant that I used to work with, who was the laziest piece of shit, had this notepad that he left out. One day, I just looked at it and was astonished. Every other letter was capitalized, some words were not spelled right, some words were used incorrectly, the list goes on and on. I knew he was dumb but I didn’t know he was THAT dumb.

I was pissed because he was “in charge of us” even though he didn’t know how to do our jobs.  And on top of being in charge of us, he would be commended on the work that my team did. It pissed me off.

I’ll post a picture of one of his witness statements later. It’s hilarious!

The Marine Corps has the Spelling course for Marines and the mandatory Sergeant’s Grammar Course but you can just cheat through those. In fact, since those books are so thick, the most efficient way to get them done is by cheating and that’s exactly what people do.

Do you want to go through 300 pages on shit about where to put your commas or periods? Or would you rather cheat through it, save hours of your time and do something else with those saved hours? I mean, everyone else is cheating that it’s the new norm. No one’s going to “catch you” so there’s no penalty for cheating. Unless, you’re a dumbass Private First Class who does 20 Marine Corps Courses in one day. That raised a red flag and got that bitch into some deep shit.

Illiterate since 1775.