Fleet Marine Life #4 – Safety Vehicle

2011-03-30-fleetmarinelife4 - Safety Vehicle

There’s the US Marine Corps and then there’s the US Army. They both mainly fight on land in today’s modern times. But what is the difference?

The difference is mostly in history and appearance. But that’s just the surface. Internally, the Marine Corps has a much higher standard than that of the US Army and that is why the USMC is better. But why not just raise the standards of the US Army? It’s because they need people.

If you ask the average US citizen which of the two is better, 99% of the time they will say the Marine Corps. The other 1% are probably in the US Army.

As a Marine in the fleet, you start to see some problems. Some standards aren’t held or don’t exist. If you would like to know more about these problems, stay tuned…

Good standards are key. K.