Fleet Marine Life #48 – Recall

2011-06-12-fleetmarinelife48 - Recall


The one word you don’t want to hear when you are out. You don’t truly appreciate something until you lose it. The one thing may people lose when they join the Corps is freedom. Once you get out, you’ll receive your freedom again. The amount of freedom returned is overwhelming. That glowing DD214 form in my hands was holding Willy Wonka’s golden ticket. TICKET TO FREEDOM!

My Gunny asked me what I wanted to do out of the Marine Corps. I paused for a second to think about it and then I said, “Stay out!”

I knew a guy who got recalled. It fucked up his marriage. It pretty much fucked up his life. I’ve heard that recalls today aren’t likely anymore.


Here’s an article about a 50 year old AARP member who got recalled into the US army even though he’s been out for 15 years. The missile system that this veteran was trained to operate is no longer used by the military. I don’t understand how the government can do this.

Do you see the picture of this guy in that article? Zoom in and look at his face! It’s one of those, “This has to be a joke, right?” faces.

Anyways, here’s some info on “recalls.”


Basically, if you are in the inactive reserve, there’s a chance that you can get recalled. If you’re an old crusty retiree collecting good old retirement pay, you can get recalled as well.

If I get recalled, the one emotion that I would experience would probably be anger.

Avoiding recalls since 1779.