Fleet Marine Life #51 – Moto Room

2011-06-22-fleetmarinelife51 - Moto Room

I came back home on leave for the first time in 3 years. My room had about 2 moto posters. I frowned as I looked at them. I climbed up to my table and tore them off the wall and threw them in the garbage.

Hannabal commented:

“I didn’t just take my uniform off, I set it on fire and pissed on the smoldering embers.”

For those who just got out, I wouldn’t recommending burning your stuff. I mean, you could get recalled. The chances of getting recalled are low but they’re still there.

I’m out of the Marine Corps and I try not to tell people that I was in the Marine Corps. If I do tell people that I was a Marine then they would ask a few questions like, “Did you kill anyone?” and “What’s it like?” I don’t feel like telling people, “I killed a lot of spiders,” and “You clean until your fucking hands bleed.”

The Marine Corps is going to shit. All the good Marines are usually treated like shit. They cannot stand the insanity, stupidity and disorganization. Knowing that they have better options, they get the fuck out. Usually those good Marines consist of those who are physically well, knowledgeable and moral.

So the only ones left over in the Marine Corps are those who have no better option. Sometimes these Marines who re-enlist actually find something good. But most of the time, Marines re-enlist because they have a kid, they need money, they got it good in the Corps or possibly because they are afraid to get out.

I have a problem with Staff NCO’s and above. I don’t understand how any normal human being with any moral being can stay inside the Marine Corps for over two enlistments and not be disgusted enough to just leave. Do these SNCOs honestly convince themselves that they can change things? These SNCOs put up a motivated facade every day for their junior Marines but I bet that behind that mask, they are disgusted with themselves for re-enlisting. These SNCOs have been in the system for too long and the only thing keeping these old men going is probably that 20-year service retirement pay and not because of their “love for this job.” If you honestly think that SNCOs love their job then remove the retirement pay and see what happens.

I would honestly lose my mind if I re-enlisted. I probably would have gone off the deep end and would have committed ritualistic suicide with an MRE Spork.

It would be a dream to see this disorganization go back to where it came from. Hell.

Burning our moto shit since 1779.