Fleet Marine Life #54 – It’s Rigged

2011-07-09-fleetmarinelife54 - It's Rigged

From what I’ve seen, meritorious boards are done wrongly. Basically, the board revolves around a bunch of stupid non-job related questions and MCIs. Such questions like, “How many holes are in an MRE cracker? or “Who is the vice president of the United States” or “Why should you be meritoriously promoted?”

On the last question, one guy answered, “I shouldn’t.” He got his ass kicked out.

I swear some of these boards are rigged. The only ones who win seem to be minorities or females. To even get on these boards, you have to know someone. I mean like to the point where you’re buddy buddies with your bosses. I tried to work my way on a meritorious board but I couldn’t get any MCIs. Fortunately, we had a proctor in my company who could help us do MCIs. However, the guy who had the proctor key was always, “Too busy.” But I guess he wasn’t too busy giving away his proctor key to his buddies.

I knew a guy who got thrown into a meritorious Lance Corporal board a few hours prior to it. Of course, he fucking lost because the other guy had 2 MCIs. What kind of shit is this?

I knew a buddy of mine who had this one shitbag female Marine who was fat, annoying and lazy. Her platoon hated her, so they sent her off to work in the office. Time goes on and she gets put on a meritorious board. She wins the board but only because NO ONE ELSE WAS FUCKING ON IT!

When these boards come up, the higher ups put anyone on the board because not putting anyone on the board means that no one in their platoon is good.

Someone has to come out a winner in these boards. It doesn’t matter if a bunch of turdling shitbag Marines are thrown into the fray. Someone MUST win. It boils down to a competition of may the best turd win! That turd could be put in charge of you!

If people are promoted too early, then they won’t know what they’re doing. If I were to slap on Sergeant Major chevrons, would that give me all the knowledge of a Sergeant Major? What I’m saying is that these promotions boards should promote exceptional Marines and not just whoever happens to be around.

As for the female sleeping with the SNCO bit, it has happened to my command. We all knew about it and nobody did anything about it. Not even the company First Sereant. This Gunny would give this Marine special treatment. She would be able to watch Family Guy in the office during working hours. After work, the Company Gunnery Sergeant drove her from the company office to her barracks up hill. You may think that he’s a nice guy but as a male Marine, I have NEVER been offered a ride or dare to ask a SNCO for one. Of course there’s more examples like this but I’ll save it for later.

Are all females like this? Of course not. Let me ask you something. If the male to female population in the Marine Corps was reversed, would you be a man whore? I know I’d go up in rank… the easy way.

Anyways, here’s a Hooah Meritorious board video.

On a final note, a buddy of mine, who was a Marine, is finishing up his college degree so that he can become a US Marine Officer. I told him that he should go to the US Air Force so that he can pilot an A-10C Warthog. I also told him that the Marine Corps is going downhill like a kid on a wagon and there’s no brakes on that mother fucker. He said that he can change it and I told him that he couldn’t. Either way the choices are clear.

It’s either this…

or this…

He ended the conversation saying that he hates me. The struggle has just begun. Please comment and tell him not to re-enlist in the USMC.

P.S. The A-10 is exclusively flown by the US Air Force. You cannot pilot an A-10 in the US Marine Corps simply because the USMC does not own any. (Source)

Losing rigged meritorious boards since 1775.