Fleet Marine Life #55 – Marriage Cycle

2011-07-13-fleetmarinelife55 - Marriage Cycle

It kills me whenever I see someone get a divorce and the military is full of them.

I hated living in the Barracks. Here are some of the reasons why: Field days, loudness, roommates, alcoholics, door bangers, fire alarms going off at 2 am in the morning about twice a month because of the alcoholics, depression, ghetto projects-like state of the barracks, sausage fest, surprise barracks duty and a number of other things.

I admit that I was tempted to get married to get out of the barracks. It’s easy. I would just go out to town and find a willing female to enter into a contract marriage so that I can collect that sweet Basic Allowance for housing, which is thousands for an apartment or house, and get COMRATS, so I don’t eat at the Chow Hall any more. Hell, I wouldn’t be the first Marine with the idea.


The downside to this plan is that, the woman that I would have known, for all of two weeks, could have cleaned out my bank account and I can’t do shit about it. Some women want to marry a military man mainly for their steady paychecks.


I watched the TV news report when it came out. She weighed a lot less than what she does now and sang like a siren. She stole these men’s hearts, stole their bank accounts, had some children with them and denies them access to them. Bobbi Ann Finley is a monster that deserves to die and burn in hell.

Anyways, If you just joined the military, PLEASE don’t get married. The military fucks up marriages. The military keeps their men away from their wives for long periods of times and it does damage. Usually this leads to infidelity on both sides. That then leads to divorce and divorce leads to you being broke as hell by the time you leave the military. An attorney for legal family issues will make this process less painful and stressful.

If you’re going to have a baby, please don’t.


Punch in some numbers into that “Cost of Raising a Child” calculator. Usually it’ll be above $250,000 over the cost of the child’s life. Along with that, you’ll have to spend valuable time taking care of the baby.

Getting divorced since 1775.