Fleet Marine Life #59 – Doctor NCO

2011-07-23-fleetmarinelife59 - Doctor NCO

This comic was based off a Corporal I’ve served with.

He was a 6′ 4″, 240 pound black guy. He was a good, tough Corporal that did things his way and because of that, he would often get in trouble. He was the most motarded Marine that I have served with. When I played Soul Calibur 4 with him, his character was scarlet red and gold. The game provides you with millions of character choices so you know this wasn’t an accident. He sings cadence where ever he goes. He talks about drill 24/7.

Here are some quotes from him.

Me : Hey… There’s all these signs in front of this door that says “DO NOT ENTER. SECRET CLEARANCE REQUIRED.”
Him : Bitch! Get out of my way! Shoo, fly, shoo.

Him : We can do this the easy way… *pats hand with baseball bat* or the hard way…

Him : Let me have a piece of that sandwich.
Me : No.
Him : I wasn’t asking.

Him : Three words, K. Big. Booty. Bitches.

Him : It would behoove of you.

Him : Hey there, yoo-hoo!

Me : What are you doing this weekend?
Him : 40′s and hoes.

Him : Bullllllllshit!

Him : Waaaah! Want me to call the wambulance?

Him : Do you know what this is between my fingers?
Marine : No…
Him : It’s the world’s smallest violin.

Him : I can’t wait until I get to Parris Island so that I can put some pain and discipline into recruit’s little bodies.


Anyways, he’s still in the Marine Corps so if you see anyone who is like this, just know that you have met… THE MOST MOTIVATED NCO EVER.

Being prescribed a bottle of “suck it the fuck up” and then going to the hospital a few days later because Doctor NCO ended up misdiagnosing us since 1775.