Fleet Marine Life #62 – A General Day

2011-07-26-fleetmarinelife62 - A General Day

As a 1-star General, Marines will bend over backwards to please them. I’ve always wondered what it’s like to work for a General. I image it to be something like slavery where you have to follow whatever whims he may have. Just like the rest of the Marine Corps.

I remember in Okinawa, my higher ups would tell everyone that a General (no one knows who) is coming down to inspect our barracks on Friday. Then they would proceed to tell us that if we fail the inspection then we’re going to have to “stand by.” So this would cause us to field day our barracks for half the day on Thursday, sleep for like 3 hours and then field day for another 3 hours until it’s time for us to go to work. Word was passed later that we passed field day. I asked my buddy about the General and he replied, “The General never came through.” This happened a few times in my short career. The General never shows up or if he does, he only checks one room. Fucking Generals. I bet they do that shit on purpose for a laugh.

Getting fucked over by imaginary Generals since 1775.