Fleet Marine Life #63 – Government Issue

2011-07-27-fleetmarinelife63 - Government Issue

Before my platoon’s fun little trip of Afghanistan, we had to go to the armory for our shit. For my deployment, they issued me my rifle, one tooth brush and two rifle magazines. I was in shock! Was this it?

He told me to borrow, steal or buy everything else. Reluctantly, I borrowed 4 rifle magazines, and returned them after the deployment, bought a rifle grip, bought a rifle sling and bought a rifle cleaning gear set for a grand total of around $75. Fuck, man! That’s 10% of my paycheck going to buying shit the government should naturally issue you for a war! That’s money I could have used to drink away my problems! I blacked out on a $5 bottle of alcohol (It was on sale)! That’s 15 worry-free weekends I could have had! But, no. Uncle Sam’s got to fuck me over once again with his big fat flopping green weenie.

These issued items are non-perishable (except the CLP) which means you can use them for years and years. So I know that they don’t just disintegrate in the armory.

I know my armory had a metric fuckton of rifle magazines but since they keep poor track of them, you end up with Marines with 10-20 rifle magazines, 3-5 rifle slings and 2-3 rifle cleaning gear sets in their closets. Lending is not a hard practice but apparently to the Marine Corps, it is.

Getting issued one toothbrush from the unit armory to fight in wars since 1775.