Fleet Marine Life #67 – Supplied

2011-08-01-fleetmarinelife67 - Supplied

A supply cat told me how the supply system works. Every unit is given a certain amount of money to spend during a certain period of time. If they don’t use all of that amount then the next year, they get less money to spend. So this encourages them to spend on such luxuries like expensive watches and deployment bags for all SNCOs and Officers. This is one of the many ways the USMC pisses away taxpayer money.

A SSGT, one of the only few that actually taught us shit, told us more about the supply system. If you order too much, you’re probably not going to get your order. Supply will receive their junk and then then distribute it to as many people as possible. Whatever they have left over, they put aside for large orders. This cycle will repeat until the large orders can be met and then you’ll receive your crap. So it’s recommended to just order the absolute bare minimum amount of whatever you need from supply.

In Afghanistan, I talked to my Gunny about getting us some basic supplies for the operation. 6 months later, we never received them. Since we really needed it during the operation, I just bought the supplies with my own money. $300 worth. Thank you, USMC supply, you inefficient piece of crap. Can’t even get me a pack of pens or a roll of duct tape.

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