Fleet Marine Life #68 – The USMC Way

2011-08-02-fleetmarinelife68 - The USMC Way

There are several ways of doing things in the Corps. The right way, the wrong way and then the USMC way. The USMC way is a way where you simply appear to accomplish the mission regardless of whether or not it was done correctly or not. Junior Marines take the USMC way more times than you think. Marines may not do things the “right” way to accomplish the mission but thanks to higher ups either being ignornant or willingly ignorant (blind eye), no really cares.

The comic above is a true story. My buddy’s platoon was tasked with taking down a lot of tents. Their libo was on the line. And when that shit is on the line, shit gets real. Doing the mission the right way (Moral way) was too time consuming. Many hours of libo would have been cast away like a carton of spoiled milk. Of course, his platoon universally decided to take the USMC way. They got a TRAM to run over all these tents and then drag these flattened, pancake-like tents to DRMO (A place where broken shit goes and gets fixed or whatever).

The tents were taken down and the officers didn’t really care. No one really paid for it except the taxpayers. Oh, well.

Doing shit the wrong way and then making it look right for liberty since 1775.