Fleet Marine Life #70 – Pension

2011-08-07-fleetmarinelife70 - Pension


The Pentagon is currently thinking about changing the current retirement system. If this goes through then 20 years of service won’t set you for life with a very generous amount of money every month. Instead, they’re thinking about turning it into some sort of corporate-style pension. This is supposed to save them $400 billion.

Hell, the current retirement system is basically the only reason I would ever stay in the Marine Corps.

Here’s the link below for the military retirement pay calculator. Try it out and discover the madness.



In recent news, 31 Americans were killed when members of the Taliban shot down their helicopter. I’ve first read this in an article on the internet. The next day, I would see it on television. And I’ve realized that the mass media hardly report anything on who has died or what is happening in Iraq or Afghanistan. It bothers me to my core. Not one dead body shown on television. I doubt Americans still know that we’re still in those countries. I wonder why we’re still in Afghanistan.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p12cAclNCRU (October 27, 2007)

Remember that promise that Obama made about troop withdrawal. Watch this now.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tk2TXhzEX1g (December 2, 2009)

It’s all just more of the same. No real change. We’re continuing down this road with no end in sight. This nation has lost enough men, money and resources to this black hole called the Global War on Terror. How do you even fight something like that? Who are the “terrorists?” The Patriot Act renewed by Obama says that we, the Americans, can be targeted and labeled as “terrorists.” This is highly disturbing to me. How did this man even win the Nobel Peace prize? It’s ironic! A man who supports war wins the Nobel PEACE prize. I guess it’s easy to wage war when you don’t have to fight in it.

When will this all end? Like history as told time and time again, the oppressed usually rise up and break down the current system and in its place, put in a new one for better or worse.

Also, in other news, Standard & Poor has downgraded US Debt from AAA to AA+. I expected something like this. I am surprised that they didn’t do it earlier. And honestly, they haven’t downgraded enough. The US government has an addiction to spending on everything and they have no solution to stop it. I have a solution. STOP SPENDING SO FUCKING MUCH.

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