Fleet Marine Life #71 – New MCO

2011-08-09-fleetmarinelife71 - New MCO

There’s a lot of things many Marines don’t know about. If you’re a Marine, you should know about the old man PFT. But what about an older man PFT and one that’s for even older Marines? Well those exist. Take a look at these charts below ripped from their current orders.






PFT Bare Minimum and Age Groups








CFT Bare Minimum and Age Groups


It kind of feels like those really crusty old men with a lot of rank on their collar just wanted a way to stay in longer without actually having to put more effort into their physical self. Staying in longer means a higher retirement pay. I know, I understand that once you reach a certain age, your body just starts going downhill whether you like it or not and we need these experienced old men. It’s not like they move around much anyways.

Also, look at the female standards and compare them to the male standards.

I’ve heard a lot of times from female Marines that they got a higher PFT score than me even though I ran faster. I mean, what is up with that? I know the Marine Corps is trying to be full of equal opportunities for everyone but by lowering the standards, they’re not helping the Marine Corps. If people can’t meet the standards, don’t let them in. If they can, let them in. It should be that simple.

I found this order, MCO 6100.13 Physical Fitness Program interesting. Not too many people read these Marine Corps Orders. It’s not like many Marine care but as a Marine you should know how to work the system so that the system doesn’t work you. SNCOs feed off your ignorance. These orders are straight from the Commandant of the Marine Corps (CMC) so it’s not like too many people can argue with that unless the order states otherwise.

Like for one thing, if you have certain medical problems and you need to do the PFT, you can qualify to do a partial PFT. In this event, you would do the two events out of three and pass them along with getting a 3rd class PFT score from those 2 events. If you fail, you fail. If you pass, your command will use the score achieved during the last PFT for the event missed.

If you’re a Marine, just look through the list of Marine Corps Orders on the Marines.mil website, see what is interesting and read them. Here is a link for both a list of MCOs and MCO Ps.



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