Fleet Marine Life #72 – Movie Night

2011-08-12-fleetmarinelife72 - Movie Night

Pink Flamingos is quite possibly the most outrageously disturbing movie I have ever seen.


If you want a different type of comedy, watch this movie.

The Marine Corps twists Marines minds to be more different and more resistant to what is strange. This could be the by-product of training for war or excessive boredom.

In Okinawa, there were two dogs barking outside my barracks. I looked out the window and saw two dogs tearing up the shit out of this dying cat. Other Marines heard this too and opened their windows to see this sight. A lot of Marines starting screaming, “Get some!” and “Yeahh!!! Ooraaah!!!” A car came by and scared the dogs off. My buddy who was right next to me said he was going downstairs to check it out. He went downstairs to execute a perfect text-book MCMAP vertical heel stomp on the cat’s head. Everyone cheered even more. I couldn’t stop laughing. He then turned his head toward my window and yelled, “I THINK IT’S DEAD!”

Whenever Male Marines are left alone for long periods of time with no women, a lot of Marines do a bunch of border-line homosexual shit. No one’s gay, I think, but everyone acts like it. I guess it helps pass the time.

Marines are not normal mentally.

On a side note, check out this poll that Fox News put out after the GOP presidential Debate.


I am glad to see that Ron Paul is winning by a landslide. I’ve been following him since 2008 and I am surprised that many people have finally woken up and realized that he is the only man who works for the American People. Back then, they regarded him as a crazy man and it was only a dream to see him become a US president.

He understands the problems that this country is facing and isn’t afraid to address these problems. He’s one of the only men who has accurately predicted many of the crises that we are in today.


His stance is that of liberty, prosperity and freedom. His stance has been consistent for decades throughout his career.

Here are some highlights of Ron Paul in the recent GOP debate. If you don’t vote for Ron Paul, you’re voting for the Status Quo.


Not normal mentally since 1775.