Fleet Marine Life #77 – Spice of Life

2011-08-22-fleetmarinelife77 - Spice of Life

What you see above is the almost word-for-word anti-spice brief that my company got when Spice first started to emerge. The brief was given by our SACO representative, a black Staff Sergeant, that called himself, “Big sexy.” when he gave the brief, he talked with a calm, non-threatening and soothing voice.

His brief kind of defeated the purpose of being an anti-drug brief because it promoted Spice. He started listing prices, locations and then started talking on and on about how you can get high and not get caught.

I remember a week after that brief, I knocked on a fellow Marine’s door to see how he was doing. He yelled through the door, “who is it?” and I said that it was me. He cracked it open and popped out just his head. His eyes were blood shot and he was sniffing excessively. I heard rave music in the background and a bunch of other Marines in there doing god-knows-what. I just told him that I’ll come back another time.

If I knew a Marine that did illegal drugs, I honestly wouldn’t care to report it. No, I don’t do drugs and I don’t believe in them but I think it’s dishonorable to sell out your fellow man and ruin his life for something as stupid as drugs. If a Marine gets caught with drugs, he is done. His career is effectively over. I can’t ever bring myself to be a rat. The only thing that Marine is doing wrong is harming himself.

If the Marine Corps bans a drug, then Marines will find a way to get high off something else. I don’t know why but I’m guessing it’s boredom or “an itch” that they may have.

In 2010, the branches of the Armed Forces of the US banned the use of Spice. So don’t get caught with it unless you want to get an other-than-honorable or general discharge. You NEED an honorable discharge to use the Post 9/11 GI Bill (aka the light at the end of the tunnel).

Do I honestly care if Marines use drugs? Of course I do! Alcohol is a drug and Marines are notorious for alcohol abuse! Fuck, If I had a nickel for everytime I had to sit in a brief where our Commanding Officer rambles on and on about how Lance Corporal Schmuckatelli and PFC Dumbass went out of town and drank a fifth of vodka and then crashed their car while driving 120 miles per hour into the base gate, I’d be living out the rest of my life in the Caribbean, swimming in pools of gold coins and drinking fine wine.

I’m glad I never have to receive another talking to because SOMEONE ELSE, drank to the point where they had to get rushed to the hospital to get their stomach pumped… and then NJP’d the next day. Einstein’s definition of insanity is if you keep doing the same exact thing thinking the results are going to be different then you’re insane. Well, the Marine Corps is insane because I have to receive the same fucking brief over and over again on how PFC Retard and his partner-in-crime, PFC Idiot, thought they could get away with a DUI. And yet, there are still many DUIs.

Promoting the use of drugs that aren’t illegal yet since 1775.