Fleet Marine Life #78 – Treasure Hunt

2011-08-24-fleetmarinelife78 - Treasure Hunt

Today’s comic has been based off a true story. From Jail Break.

A buddy of mine nicknamed Jail Break, from the same company as me, recently experienced yet another wild goose chase created by their Warrant Officer. Out of the blue, the warrant officer finds out that one multimeter is missing from the tool room. There are 3 Marines in charge of this tool room and the only ones who have access to this room other than those three are higher ups.

A multimeter is something no one wants to steal. I can imagine a bunch of other stuff worth stealing like Meals-Ready-to-Eat, chemlights, Gerber multi-tools, knives, etc. But I cannot imagine someone stealing a multimeter. It doesn’t really do much so I can’t see why too many people would want it. I’d rather have a box of nails than a multimeter.

The Warrant Officer gathered his entire platoon (40-50 men) to search for this missing $97 multimeter. These Marines had shit to do but, on a whim, were all pulled aside to go on this snipe hunt. Balls to the wall, from 1000 to 1730, the Warrant Officer made them search everywhere imaginable. Under rocks, on the roof, in the sewers, under cars, underneath Quadcons, I mean everywhere. That’s at least 300 man hours wasted on this one day. He also set up starboard side and port side chow runs.

Sure, it was serialized gear that had to be accounted for but what he made this platoon do was seriously a big fucking waste of time. Mass Punishment is fucking retarded.

Marines suspected and even asked the Warrant Officer if he took it. The Warrant Officer just yelled at them for being stupid and to keep looking.

This Warrant Officer is universally hated by everyone in his platoon because he’s always making his platoon do useless shit and keeping them beyond normal working hours on a Friday because the turnover binders had to be redone. Hell, I hated him and I wasn’t even in his platoon! This is exactly the kind of shit that makes Marines hate the Marine Corps. Needless to say, every short timer in that platoon is taking VEERP and terminal leave on top of that to EAS ASAP!

Looking under rocks since 1775.