Fleet Marine Life #79 – Let My People Go

2011-08-25-fleetmarinelife79 - Let My People Go

Before my platoon went to Afghanistan, two of my Marines popped on the piss test for drugs. They got busted down and sent to another platoon while my platoon deployed to Afghanistan for 6 months.

Popping a piss test means you get kicked out of the Marine Corps because the Marine Corps has a zero tolerance drug policy. Unfortunately, it isn’t just a kick on your ass and you go flying out the door. No, the drug popper has to sit and wait for months while his paperwork is processed for him to leave. Hell, on some cases, it can take over a year!

When I came back from Afghanistan, I was put into the last platoon I would ever be in. The last platoon that I was in was where they kept all the short timers, broke dicks, pregnant women, people on legal hold, people without a platoon and drug pops.

The two guys who popped on the piss test were in my platoon. They didn’t want to be in the Marine Corps anyone. They don’t do anything because they’re not allowed to go do anything. So for all these months from when they popped their piss tests to when I came back from Afghanistan, they were sitting in a warehouse just collecting 2 paychecks a month for literally doing nothing. They would like to leave but the bureaucracy has to do mountains of paperwork.

Over a year later, as I write this, one of them is still in the Marine Corps.

Sitting in warehouses doing absolutely fucking nothing since 1775.