Fleet Marine Life #80 – Line Crossed

2011-08-28-fleetmarinelife80 - Line Crossed

A lot of shitbags in the Marine Corps weren’t always shitbags. After all, they did join the Marine Corps voluntarily. They came in highly motivated and left as empty shells of men. These Marines don’t just wake up and say “I’m going to be a shitbag.” No. Something has to have happened or continue to happen to them.

I knew a good Marine who had his whole career ahead of him. He was caught drinking underaged in the barracks. Other than that, he didn’t do anything seriously wrong. But, his command wasn’t having none of that. His command gave him his first NJP. He lost his rank and just went downhill from there. He was a perfectly good Marine who was destroyed after being over-punished for something so minor. He became overly belligerent, freaking out at SNCOs and having yelling matches with them.

Sometimes, it takes a while for Marines to develop into shitbags. My old command used to play favorites and awarded only those they loved. Regardless of how hard you worked, if you didn’t know the right people, it was pointless. So Marines just stopped trying so hard and just set their cruise control for bare minimum effort. I was one of them.

It’s a sad process but it is the consequence of higher ups and their decisions.

Getting framed by our Corporals since 1775.