Fleet Marine Life #82 – New Core Values

2011-08-30-fleetmarinelife82 - New Core Values

I don’t even know why Marines even get these red Core Values Card. One fucking card isn’t going to stop them from doing anything wrong. It isn’t like Marines, when faced with a moral problem, are going to pull out their wallet, then their stupid Honor, Courage, Commitment (HCC) card and realize what they’re going to do wrong and then not do it.

The Marine Corps has 3 core values. Honor, Courage and Commitment. As a Marine recruit, these three words are repeated over and over again. Unfortunately, these core values are just words and Marines have tendency to ignore them in order to achieve some type of personal gain.

People’s values are shaped by the people they meet and experiences in life. These experiences and encounters help people realize what is right and what is wrong. What is moral and what is immoral. These moral and immoral values that are gained over one’s path to adulthood are ingrained into one’s mind. After that, it becomes very difficult to change one’s way of thought. So if someone joins the Corps with fucked up moral values then they will remain fucked up. Four years in the Marine Corps is not going to reverse what 18+ years has done with one’s mind.

I was sick of seeing Marines following the Core Values and then being burned for it. They try to do the right thing but in the end, they are punished for it. Standing up to your high ups for something so blatantly wrong will get you punished. Being trusting will only lead to you getting abused and misused. Being committed and dedicated to the mission will force you to be overburdened without any reward.

The ones who seemed to succeed were the Staff NCOs who did not have any Honor, any Courage or any commitment. These SNCOs hardly stood up to their highers when there were apparent problems. They blindly followed orders because they’d rather impress their higher ups and advance in career than to do the right thing and possibly risk their next promotion. They would rather lie to your face than to tell you the truth because it’s easier and it gets you to shut up. They encourage you to steal by yelling at you for not getting the job done even though there aren’t the necessary tools to complete the mission. They sit on their ass and do nothing all day claiming that “they run this place” while you do all the work and they get all the credit.

Sure, in the rest of the world, people lie to each other, people cheat the system and people steal from each other. But in the Corps, it happens more often than what I would have liked to have seen. I have lost a lot of faith in humanity since I EAS’d. It’s going to take a while to regain my faith in humanity.

Lying, cheating and stealing since 1775.