Fleet Marine Life #86 – Hidden Fees

2011-09-05-fleetmarinelife86 - Hidden Fees

In boot camp, you are forced to open a Fort Sill National Bank (FSNB) account. That is where your direct deposits go (pay checks). You may think all is fine and dandy but later down the road, your drill instructor should warn you about the dangers of FSNB and how they are infamous for stealing money out of Marines’ bank accounts. How do they do it? Hidden fees, random fees and sometimes for just no fucking reason. Not only do fellow Marines warn you in boot camp but throughout your entire Marine Corps career. If I see a Marine with an FSNB bank card, it is my sworn duty to warn that Marine about the dangers of FSNB.

In MOS school, one of my fellow classmates had a thousand dollars disappear from his FSNB bank account. For no reason! He was angry but mainly confused.

It’s kind of strange how this notoriously bad banking institution still exists. It’s even stranger that Marines are forced to open FSNB bank accounts even though FSNB is known throughout the Marine Corps as a horrendous bank. In fact, FSNB is referred to by Marines as Fort Steal National Bank. Do higher ups just not give a shit about junior Marines? Do they have some kind of deal with this bank?

Also if you’re overseas, you will encounter problems withdrawing money from an ATM using an FSNB card.

More than often, Marines can’t see the signs of what is to come in front of them. After 6 months of warnings, one might think to at least consider thinking about preparing for these dangers.

Getting our money stolen since 1775.