Fleet Marine Life #88 – Everyone

2011-09-09-fleetmarinelife88 - Everyone

I love how labor is often misallocated in the Corps.

Sometimes the people in charge of us don’t even know what exactly needs to get done. So, just-in-case, they send over everybody. It’s later then when we all realize that it is specifically a task that requires that only a set amount of people do it and no more. Now you have a situation where 10 people are working and the other 40 are just standing around doing nothing.

I wonder how the SNCOs think…

“Well, gee… if one man can do this job in 10 minutes then 10 Marines can do it in one minute!”

Unfortunately the SNCOs fail to realize that, some jobs are more efficiently done by fewer people. In some cases, less is more.

Sending 40 people to do a two man job since 1775.