Fleet Marine Life #89 – Double Standard

2011-09-11-fleetmarinelife89 - Double Standard

The Marine Corps is full of double standards and I hate that shit.

“Rank has its privileges”

Here are some double standards that are floating at the top of my head:

I love how my old Sergeants were all mostly fat as fuck yet they yelled at other fat Marines for being fat. My old Sergeants did less than 20 pullups and that’s the group total. Whenever platoon physical training is in session, my Sergeants are always NOWHERE to be found unless the PT session is something like basketball. Usually, they would always be “at the gym.” Of course, none of us would know if he was actually there or sleeping in his barracks room.

The female Marines do a much easier PFT and CFT than Male Marines.

The higher ups can get a DUI and it would get swept under the rug. If a junior Marine gets a DUI, the book gets thrown at him.

My higher ups would come to work extremely late or not at all and no one would care. If a junior Marine was late by 1 minute, it’s as big as the OJ murder.

The favorites of higher ups can get away with murder while those who aren’t “special” get in trouble for menial shit.

My Gunnery Sergeant committed adultery and had sex with one of his junior Marines. A Corporal had sex with that same junior Marine and that same Gunny threw the book at him and maxed him out on his NJP.

Double standards piss me off. Just cause you have some weight on your collar doesn’t mean, you can do whatever the fuck you want. No man should be above the rules in the Corps.

Double Standards since 1775.