Fleet Marine Life #9 – Farmer’s Choice

2011-04-04-fleetmarinelife9 - Farmer's Choice

A lot of young Americans have done drugs. It ain’t a bad thing and it shouldn’t affect them for the most part. Some of these young Americans then wish to join the military. Recruiters need bodies to join. So they’re willing to help these young Americans join.

But people who may have a heavy addiction to drugs are inclined to use them again in the Marine Corps. The Marine Corps has a zero tolerance drug policy. So if a Marine pops once for ecstasy or for weed, then they get kicked out with a negative discharge.

It costs somewhere around $13,000 – 25,000 to train one Marine Recruit and then the government has to pay that one Marine for his service. It’s tax payer money down the drain.

Recruiting people with a history of heavy drug usage isn’t exactly the best thing to do but since the Marine Corps needs bodies, they are willing to lower the standards.

I don’t know why Active Duty Marines do drugs despite knowing that they will have the occasional drug test and the knowledge of what will happen to them if they get caught. It’s just dumb.

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