Fleet Marine Life #92 – USMC Thursday

2011-09-22-fleetmarinelife92 - USMC Thursday

As a civilian, I can do almost anything compared to being in the Corps. I can get a haircut or not. And whenever I do something, forests full of trees don’t have to die whenever I want to do something. I can go to the other side of the world right now, without telling anyone, and you know what? I won’t get in trouble. I won’t get NJP’d. I won’t get money taken away from me. I won’t have to be punished like a child for it. I can do that because I don’t need to tell anyone what I’m doing.

In the civilian world, you get treated like a fucking adult in a free society and not like some damn child. You know what else I don’t need to do?

I don’t have to stand at parade rest and get talked to like a child by a lazy fat piece of shit Sergeant who writes at a 3rd grade level just because someone else didn’t wake up on time, I don’t have to wake up at 0445 to puke my brains out, I don’t have to pick up someone else’s cigarette butts, I don’t have to field day, I don’t have to conform to a set of random ass rules and regulations, I don’t have to waste my time doing absolutely fucking nothing, I don’t have to stand by to stand by, I don’t have to stand duty to watch over a bunch of drunken degenerates throw beer bottles in the parking lot and pass out on the picnic tables, I don’t have to take shit from people for no reason because they’re of a certain rank, I don’t have to stand in formation forever, I don’t have to maintain my clothes, I don’t have to live in the projects (aka slums) and use a toilet that explodes whenever I flush it, I don’t have to get along with everyone, I don’t have to look out for everyone, I don’t have to wait a week for a toilet to get fixed, I don’t have to eat at the chow hall, I don’t have to get substandard medical and dental care provided by your local bureaucratic socialist government medical facilities, I don’t need to yell at people for stupid shit, I don’t have to follow an alcohol limit, I don’t have to be a Marine 24/7, I don’t have to wear specific things, I don’t have to hide all my alcohol in my closet whenever the cops come by, I don’t get yelled at when I’m 2 minutes late, I don’t have to deal with SNCOs, I don’t have to consider suicide as a viable option as a way out, I don’t have to get in trouble for something someone else did that I wasn’t involved in…


That’s REAL Bullshit! Bullshit that interferes with who you really are as a human being! In the Marine Corps, you aren’t treated as a human being but as a piece of government property like cattle.

I can work as hard as I want in college and if I get straight A’s then my records will say that I got straight A’s.

If I work as hard as I want in the Corps, it won’t matter. Hard work brings more hard work. And it still won’t count. Sometimes the SNCO will take all the credit, sometimes it’s your Sergeants, you never really know.

That’s the way the USMC works. The SNCOs don’t give a shit about the little guys. Maybe it’s just the units that I go to.

Anyways, I’ll take civilian bullshit any day!

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