Fleet Marine Life #93 – Staff Sergeant Says

2011-09-24-fleetmarinelife93 - Staff Sergeant Says

One day my illiterate Sergeant ordered a fellow Corporal to move all of the food from an ISO container to a nearby location. The Corporal said, “Sure, I’ll use our forklift and we’ll be done in no time.” The grossly overweight Sergeant replied, “No! I didn’t tell you that you could use the forklift!”

The Corporal knew that he was now engaged in a pissing contest. The Corporal respectfully said, “I am qualified to use the forklift and all of the food is on top of warehouse pallets.”

The retarded Sergeant didn’t budge on his original stance despite the presentation of the more efficient idea.

Much time was needlessly wasted over an argument that didn’t need to happen. The pissing contest ended with the Corporal being victorious as he accomplished his task with blinding speed and efficiency.

If an idea is obviously better, why are leaders reluctant to accept these better ideas? Is it because they are so used to the status quo that they fear change? I think so. Status quo does not breed innovation. The Marine Corps is all about the status quo.

Now we got status quo leaders teaching junior Marines nothing but the same old things. If new leaders try to break the status quo cycle by introducing new ideas and more efficient ways, they are quickly attacked and reprogrammed. It’s a cycle where the status quo will forever be the norm unless higher ups break the cycle. But with the way things were going when I left, that will never happen.

Efficient at being inefficient since 1775.