Fleet Marine Life #97 – Two Corporals

2011-10-07-fleetmarinelife97 - Two Corporals

The Marine Corps always tries to prevent every little incident that may happen. They do this by assuming that everyone is a bad apple. Every society has a few bad apples. You just have to accept that. The Marine Corps does not and they treat everyone as if they could be bad apples. This is a waste of time and insults normal adults.

“This is why we can’t have nice things.”

This whole “safety first” mentality is logical. Why have Marines die during non-combat related training or life? It makes sense but sometimes the higher ups take this to an extreme.

I remember liberty orders telling us not to box kangaroos or wrestle crocodiles or even swim in open bodies of water. “Open bodies of water” even included streams. Can you imagine Marines dying from drowning in a stream of water? It must have happened for a full bird Colonel to include such explicit statement in that order. I’m surprised he didn’t say we had to wear floaties whenever Marines so much as touch water.

Marines are drunkards. It’s part of the culture. The vast majority of liberty incidents in Okinawa were alcohol related. Fuck, I hated alcohol related incidents because the people who were responsible were punished as well as those who weren’t responsible.

As long as Marines drink, there will be problems! It’s going to happen! Just deal with it!

On another note, there’s an article in the UCMJ against dueling. For real. Article 114.

Not having nice things since 1775.