Fleet Marine Life #99 – Career Planner

2011-10-10-fleetmarinelife99 - Career Planner

During my last few months in the Corps, I had to go to the career planner for a mandatory interview. It went like something you see above. No shit, word for word.

They had two people working the career planner office. One day, they both mysteriously disappeared for some time for emergency reasons. In their place was this Lance Corporal who obviously didn’t know what the fuck she was doing. She was fucking up so badly, the Sergeant Major came and screamed at her personally. Was it really her fault though?

If I was put in charge to fly a V-22 Osprey, I would probably crash that bitch into the ground. That is, if I can take off. And you know what? I would probably get my ass chewed for it.

Lastly, this is a pile of paperwork found on top of the Career Planner’s desk.








Getting interviewed to get out since 1775.