Fleet Marine Life – Characters

Joe Jay – The average US citizen turned US Marine. Likes weed.

Shitbag Steve – A shitty Marine. Always fucking it up for everyone else. NJP Magnet.

The Staff Sergeant – A bitter shell of a man who drives his Marines like slaves and then writes awards for himself. He’s a highly brainwashed, high-and-tight wearing asshole you hope to god never gets put in charge of you or your platoon. Injustice is his middle name and fuck-fuck is the games he plays. His hobbies include fucking junior Marines over and finding ways to advance his career at the expense of others.

A Good Sergeant – He’s always trying to do the right thing… unfortunately, at the expense of his career.

PFC Moto – A highly motivated, fresh out of boot camp Marine. He enjoys saying OORAH and SEMPER FI as much as he loves doing work . Does all the work and never gets acknowledged.

The General – Thousands of Marines must follow the insane whims of this man who wears a shiny silver star on his collar.

The Corpsman (Doc) – Maltreatment is thy middle name.