Fleet Marine Life

Fleet Marine Life is a military web comic created by a demotivated marine with microsoft paint. The creator who goes by the name of “K” has done a great job telling his story in the mc through his shittily drawn comics.

You can browse the entire catalog of comics in their original form at his website at www.fleetmarinelife.com, or you view them right here at iHateTheUSMC.

If you find that you enjoy his comics, take a moment to let him know at his site!


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View original FML site

Submit your own FML comic: s@ihatetheusmc.com

  • S.

    If you have not gone through the FML comics, please do. Some are better than others, but all in all, you will not be disappointed. Here is where it all started: http://www.fleetmarinelife.com

  • Chris

    Loving these comics. Just read 35 of them in one shot and some are fan-frickin-tastic.

    Thanks so much for having the link.