Fleet Marine Life #17 – Brain Damage

Those who leave the Marine Corps will undoubtedly become smarter. Those who have been in for at least over a year will feel somewhat… slower. Remember that 4 letter word you used to know how to spell? Or remember that time when you used to be able to add fractions?

If you’re in the Marine Corps, ask yourself, “Has my ability to spell gotten better in the Corps?”

Well, I’m pretty sure it hasn’t. If you said yes to that question then your educational system has probably failed you in the first place.

Misspelling words since 1775. K.


  • mgk0331

    This is so true. I joined the marine corps knowing math a physics and while I was in I forgot it all and I brought my notes to base to study and one of my senior marines took them and started sharing them with all his Mexican buddies. So I came to the conclusion years later; if your smart don’t join the marine corps, if your a total idiot and you can’t do fractions then the marine circus us just for you. Fuck the corps it was a waste of four years and you’ll be better off without it.