Fleet Marine Life #18 – Flaunt It


Well, that plan used to be a good way to get out the Marine Corps.

In my time, I’ve heard of two male Marines caught in the same bed in their school house. They got discharged right quick… out of the military. Sicko.

Are gay people bad in the military? Well, fuck! Half our females are fuckin’ lesbians! Do I care? Not really, I could care less. And the males? Someone told me that the Marine Corps is, “The longest 4 year long gay joke.” You’ll always see some Marine doing some border-line ambiguously homosexual shit but you’ll never see that same Marine actually do anything that’s straight up homosexual. Everyone acts gay but no one is gay.

This happens in every unit I have worked with. It’s really weird. Maybe it’s something in the base water.

I would talk about the story of the “Phantom Cocksucker,” but it would probably scare a lot of you ship dwelling folk.

Being lesbian since 1775.