Fleet Marine Life #23 – Beer Goggles

2011-04-18-fleetmarinelife23 - Beer Goggles

One thing I hate about Marines is that they get drunk as fuck and then they fuck shit up. In Okinawa, all the drunk Marines that live in the Barracks end up fucking everything up. If you had a nice poster on your door or a room number placard, that shit would be destroyed on the weekend. There’s like 30 room number 3s in my barracks. Like, seriously?

Once Marines break something, they’re not going to remember or care. I mean, that’s pretty fucked up. I had a bicycle outside my door and the button used to change gears is fucked up. Thank you, you drunk bastards.

I hate it when drunk Marines just end up fucking up the barracks. There is no limit to how much they piss me off. Drunk Marines fuck shit up and the good Marines end up cleaning that broken glass bottle in the parking lot or the 100 beer cans on the front lawn of the barracks or the puke on the sidewalk and the list goes on. Shit pisses me off.

I at least have the common decency to fuck my own shit up when I’m drunk.

Also, I found this picture while I was Google searching “Urinal”.

Getting drunk and fucking shit up since 1775.

– K