After being out of the “corps” for over a year I still hate it.

After being out of the “corps” for over a year i still must say, i still hate and always will hate the USMC for what it has done to and for m- nothing. I dedicated 4 years to this bullsh*t that i have been imprisoned in. Going through the marine corps has been over the top rough as far asa sense of belonging and acceptance. I have felt like a completel reject and outcast the entire way through. There is no family in the marine corps or “brotherhood” bond. Every man for himself, there’s no team work there. People make it through the marine corps and fleet only because we have to its our only survival is makign it, nothing great. If you want to be gossiped about and puth through highschool all over again, be around odd characters, be sexually harassed, be publicly humiliated,physically assaulted and talked down to for 4 years straight this is it. I dont reccommend this for anyone. It has been nothi ng but unfreindly environment. Not many take a liking to this bullsh-t. I have been humiliated so so so so so many times i cant remember all the times. One time i got yelled at by some fag ssgt in the chowhall (in front of the whole chowhall) and this is just one small incident of many…do you know what this does to a persons self worth. No wonder nobody lieks any of you  just look at yourself. Didnt you know that human respect is above everything else? If you treat people like slaves that will lead to mental problems, drinking/drugs and worse. You will find that you and your spouse arent getting along because this is what this system does to people! lol it is way too hard to sit here and talk about how seriously f-d up this palce is….if you think otherwise good for you for beleiving all that was told to you the entire way through u might be a lifer or motivation for retardedness

i stole this from scott olsons i hate the marine corps site, somebody else wrote this i might add somebody asked him So what did you do the whole time in your marine corps 4 year enlistment? he responded “i slavishly obeyed the commands of a baboon”..LOL i couldnt help but post this! haha! baboons are dumbA$$es!

– freisty