Happy Birthday, America

We hope you have a safe (not too safe ) holiday and have tons of fun!

Happy Birthday America

Hey look! It’s our ol pal Osama!

This guy was a Marine.

We went out to see fireworks and she had one job. ONE…

This guy was a Marine too.

And so was this guy.

This guy was definitely a Marine…

And let’s not forget these guys. If it were not for them, we would have been destroyed by Aliens 16 years ago. TRUE American heroes… Salute.

I will end with this. This has got to be the most amazing patriotic recording in American history. Barely a century out of slavery, not even a decade removed from Jim Crow, a black man wails away on the national anthem, not with a horn or his voice, but with an electric motherfucking guitar, an American invention, in front of thousands of people gathered together as an act of protest against the established order. This is the sound of freedom ringing.

Source: reddit.com