Hazers got busted down and passed up in rank by the hazed

So when I came in the guys in charge of us hazed us, now my peers are Team leaders and when they hazed their boots the boots did the right thing and snitched on them for lack of a better term. Now they are all butthurt because they got njp’d, demoted, put on restriction and are getting treated like shit and being made an example of, while the boots are picking up and filling their spots. The funniest thing is that my peers’ original teamleaders who deem themselves all high and mighty don’t give a shit about my peers and are not doing jack shit to help out their marines. Instead they are being lazy, sitting in their rooms either sleeping or playing COD all day and skating out of everything while they check out of the marine corps. Great way to set the example, semper fucks!

Submitted by: Eff emm ell