How did you hear of iHateTheUSMC?

It was a question I asked on the front page of We recently hit our 4 year anniversary as a website and I thought it would be a cool to see how people found us and what their first impression was. I got some interesting responses!


“As a poolie, I found this site while googling information about boot camp. When I saw the truth about the Marine Corpse presented here, my cognitive dissonance activated and I told myself that these people were just shitbags and your typical anti-american, anti-government crazy types who probably hated the Corpse, because they thought it was part of some illuminati conspiracy. I proceeded on the Corpse anyway.



“Did anyone tell you that you will be back on the site after bootcamp? Did anyone tell you “I told you so”?

We have had a lot of poolies do the same as you and we always told them “you will be back”. Are you one of them?”


“I actually never commented and told anybody they were shitbags. I do have a vague recollection of skimming through the “how to get out of bootcamp/mct/soi” article and laughing at the idea of somebody actually telling their Drill Instructors to “YELL LOUDER, I LIKE IT” or something akin to that. I was still in the Full Metal Jacket belief about boot camp you see; I expected some poor kid to try to test their Drill Instructors and get knocked out or something by a R Lee Ermy clone. Then I actually go and it turns out that all the shitbags graduate anyway. Nice….. This website actually had much greater use for me at SOI-W. By about the end of the first week of ITB, I started to ask in the deep recesses of my mind why all the combat instructors still treated us like we were recruits, manual laborers, servants, and janitors. Weren’t we told in Marine Week, and really ALL OF BOOT CAMP, that these fuck fuck games were going to end by the time we “earned” our Eagle, Globe, Anchor? Was this not one of the main, if not *the* main motivation guiding us as we waded through all the bullshit? That somehow, somewhere, there was going to be a light at the end of the tunnel, and we would rate as human beings, let alone as exalted MARINES? When I had these thoughts I began to think that perhaps there was something seriously psychologically wrong with me, hadn’t I had wanted this for so bad, for so long? Did I not actually wait eleven whole months of my life in the DEP for this “hardcore” Infantry Security Forces MOS? Was I not proud of myself for becoming a MARINE? But then I realized something that broke the dam of my cognitive dissosance loose once and for all. The Marine Corps…….my recruiters…my Drill Instructors……my chain of command, hell even the popular culture and the goddamn commercials ALL FUCKING LIED. No, you DON’T become human after Marine Week, instead of being called a stupid ass recruit, now you become a stupid ass private. No you DON’T go to fucking war and be heroic and die fighting for the rights of Afghan women. You go sign up to do firewatch, scrub toilets (NOT HEADS, TOILETS), march up hills with ludicrously impractical equipment, yell loudly, scrub more toilets, mop floors, clean piece of shit rifles that don’t even fucking work and sometimes explode on people, do childish handmovements, greet the SNCOIC who is always late to his own formation who never returns it anyway, keep Nouri Al Maliki in power who your commander in chief later removes from power publicly, and scrub more godamned awful toilets! Then after it’s all over and done, you lie to yourself you “served” your country because it would be far too painful to admit that you basically wasted five years of the best parts of your life away from family, friends, loved ones, lovers, and basic human decency all for nothing. And when the cognitive dissosance broke, what website did I think of, that I scoffed at such a long time ago….. Surely, those nutjobs didn’t have that many members right? Well, teufel deufel, it looks like those unmotivated crazies were right weren’t they? Looking back, I feel so lucky refusing to train, that I feel like I scored a jackpot! I think it’s in these two demographics that this website has the greatest relevance, poolies, and Boot Camp graduates. Herein lies the two groups of people who still have an ability to be educated on how to get the hell out of the Corpse when it’s still relatively easy. It’s very nice to bitch and moan about the idiots in the Fleet and the superiors we all hate, but it isn’t really going to affect things unless we solve the problem before it starts, does it?

Can you imagine how much change for the better we could cause, if the Marine Corpse’s recruits and students just stopped going? The bastards wouldn’t have any choice but to improve things! The Marine Corpse is like an infectious disease, man, you gotta kill it using preventative medicine, before you can find any use from the DNA of the Corpse at hand. This website in all it’s vivid, damn near professorial detail IS that preventative medicine. May it live long an prosper.


Looking back, I feel so lucky refusing to train, that I feel like I scored a jackpot! I think it’s in these two demographics that this website has the greatest relevance, poolies, and Boot Camp graduates. The Marine Corpse is like an infectious disease, man, you gotta kill it using preventative medicine, before you can find any use from the DNA of the Corpse at hand.”


“I might turn this discussion of ours into an article. You cool with that?”


“Sure. Put it on Facebook too, twitter, whatever. Tell the world about the Marine Corpse and just how much of another big dumb useless government bureaucracy it is.”

Some other comments:


“Through one of the posts in Terminal Lance. It was mostly rants…then when people started posting about problems, questions and answers I got on more.

I was also on leatherneck. Few guys there actually answered the questions-especially the bitch who was a female Marine. I would see her rip on people who ask questions.

This site reminds me of a vital lesson in life, a person or an organization must see their problem for what it is. They must brainstorm on how to solve it, then solve it. If you are too proud to see the issues, you will have bigger problems.”


“A former Marine I know of liked Terminal Lance and I read some of the comics. It painted a different picture of the Marine Corps than what I initially thought it would be. Wisesloth’s list of reasons not to join the military included this website as well.

While I can understand that the USMC may be a victim of its ego, in how motarded it can be, I was still floored in how it could be as bad as this site said it was. My image of the Marine Corps went from finest fighting force with it being my first choice of military branch to dysfunctional place with the nicest uniforms and best choice of colors. Part of me still wants to join, with one telling me to join if I want to become a Marine, for that express reason, but I am very skeptical now.

The Navy has now become my first choice in joining, with the Air Force being second. It seems like the Navy is the best service branch, in terms of balance: it’s a military branch in the waters, while the Air Force is a sterile corporation and the Marine Corps being a motarded cult, with the Army soon going the way of the Marine Corps.

MARSOC looks like a good organization, but is it worth joining the USMC to get to MARSOC, especially when MARSOC has its own problems from the bigger USMC organization, and when there’s no guarantee for actually getting selected? In one MARSOC video on Youtube posted by Funker530, some commenter who had Sergeant in his username talk down to me in one my comments regarding the FN SCAR and the Woodland camouflage pattern, with his changing his tone after I clarified.

Who knows, it might just be a perception difference. People don’t experience reality the same way. But when there’s a lot of people speaking against the Marine Corps and telling people not to join, in the form of websites and articles, it makes you think twice before joining.”


“Great site S. I wish there could have been something like this in 1994-1995 time frame. Would have saved me a lot of disappointment, heartbreak, and wasted time/work.”

How did you hear about iHateTheUSMC and what was your first impression?