I Have Medical Problems in the Corps. What should I do?

Well shit, I don’t know if this is the place to put this or not, but I’ve gotta get it out somewhere, might as well be here right? I joined this disgusting disorganization around a year ago. I was a stupid, motivated(aka retarded) and signed my life away to the corps for the next 6 years of my life. Yes I’m a reservist. I was motivated and ready to serve my country. So far, I haven’t done jack shit. I would hardly call any “Training ops” we do credible. We go to a camp in the middle of Cali, set up tents, and patrol them for two to three days. Yeah, way to serve and protect right? What a waste of taxpayers hard earned dollars! Hell, I haven’t been paid for this bullshit for the last three months, and when i DO get paid, It’s a VERY small amount! It takes me three hours to get to my unit, so I have to fill up my tank twice to get there and back, which takes up all of my drill pay anyways. This last October, right before the Marine corps ball, they asked us who was planning on not going. I raised my hand, explaining that I had no money to go ( i was borrowing money from my dad at that point just to GET to drill) and also had an important interview that I had to go to that could not be rescheduled. They said that was all good to go and what not. Then, the next time I see them at drill, my Ssgt starts spewing all this shit about how I HAVE to go, that it’s required and that I never told him shit about not going. Well I tried to be tactful and explain to him that this was already resolved during last drill, but he wasn’t having any of it. So I got to spend the whole drill being called a shitbag marine, getting extra pt, rifle duty, etc, all because I didn’t have a job and couldn’t afford to go to this stupid ball. Then when we’re all in formation, he starts telling the platoon that he doesn’t care if we’re underage, EVERYONE ill drink at the ball, and have sex. Well I was the only person who raised my hand and said. “Excuse me Ssgt, but I respectfully refuse to partake in either of those activities.” Well apparently standing up for your morals is a huge no no in the corps, as I was once again screamed at like I was a recruit, given extra duty, and was mistreated for talking back to an SNCOIC. This is only the start though ladies and gents. Ever since I’ve been in the corps, I’ve developed chronic depression and anxiety disorder. I’ve NEVER had these symptoms before last year! I went to my doc and am still currently getting help for them both. My unit doc has been helpful, taking me to a military health facility to get checked on and such. But this is the part where I have some questions for anyone who’s ever been in a similar situation. If I do get discharged, what kind of discharge will I get? I’ve been reading up some and from what I can gather, If i get a medical discharge for psychiatric problems, that’s a kiss goodbye to ever getting a job in the civilian world, as well as not allowing me to purchase weapons ever again. (I do love my guns) Is there a way out of this? I’m getting pretty deseperate at this point.

Submitted by: ScarheadtheJarhead