I Stand Relieved.


I’ve not really seen any real announcement about it so here it goes. It’s time for myself and NINJA_PUNCH to move on. Both of us have important things happening in our lives that simply do not allow us to have the extra time needed to properly lead and manage this community and website.

A while back I asked if anyone would like to step up and start taking over. Master LCpl is that person. Master LCpl has been officially deemed the new leader of this community and has already taken action appointing more mods and making articles. I’ll make sure to keep myself available to everyone here and Master LCpl to offer any advice on how to keep things flowing, however I am officially out of it.

I started this website after I got out in 2010 and it grew larger and more popular than I ever thought it would. The Marine Corps is the cause of the success of this website. Many people like to believe that I caused people to think the way they do about the USMC, but no single person has that power. It would be impossible, no matter what I say or write, to single handedly convince hundreds of thousands of people that the USMC is dysfunctional and needs repair. The USMC causes this website to be popular, and I would love nothing for this website to die out and become nothing but a memory because issues within the organization get resolved. We’ll see if that ever happens. Until then, I will keep this website online, pay the server bills and keep it updated as technology progresses.

– S