In the Civilian World You Can Quit Before You Screw Up Your Life

Marine Corps was allright did eight years before I got out. Just got tired of all the bs yeah I sucked it up doing duty when I wasnt scheduled for it, although if I ever went UA for duty or showed up late for formation I would prob be bitched at and busted down.  To many nco’s not doing a thing when they heavily outnumbered the new guys and btw when I picked up nco I worked not just “supervising.”  Remembered one time our unit had an alphas inspection done everything when I was sick and passed with no problem but our nco’s were all jacked up, so the next day on a saturday we had another inspection just the non-ncos because heaven forbid another snco told our ssgt his boys were fucked up.

Dont know how many times I was passed by for promotion for some bs like lack of leadership when I was a corporal working under two sergeants a snco and officer even when noone had to tell me what to do and within weight requirements.  Even then when I was passed over for alot of stuff like my first unit, my nco’s said I dont know nothing but I have had air officers and even the unit Sgt Maj and Colonel wanting me to work for them because I did my job.  Btw I was a radio operator which means I had to do my job plus do the grunt stuff as well but when I got out of the field I was cleaning equipment all night while everyone was off by three or four in the afternoon going out or chilling playing games.

Final kicker for me to get out was to many damn lifers (lazy ignorant fucks expecting retirement) in my last unit, I was in charge of a section until we got some bi-polar cook that somehow made sgt couldnt pass the tests in other units to work in those jobs since he couldnt do his MOS, so we got stuck with him to be manual labour if we needed him.  Eventually I try to get him to do something he whines alot and tries to act like my boss then goes crying to our gysgt that he is in charge and I disobeyed him, even when the gysgt said I made the decisions and I was supposed to tell him what to do the day he got there.  Likely to say since my gysgt and his top heavy brothas was afraid to make waves I barely dodged a court martial for failure to obey a direct order and assault, because  he was bi-polar he liked to jump in your face spitting and crap so I put my hand out to stop him.

All I can say is if you want to go into the MC go ahead its for some people and isnt great for others, I have no problem with authority but when the hypocrits in charge bitch at you for no reason because they got in trouble or tell you to shut up and tough it out even tho they are sliming through the system its better to be a civilian so you can look into finding another job and quit your old one and leave before they screw up your life.

Submitted by: 0621