Is the Marine Corps this incompetent?

Is the Marine Corps this incompetent? So, I am getting a medical separation which I couldn’t be happier about. Camp Pendleton has been nothing but pure hell. I cannot stand 95% of the people I work with. Don’t even get me started on the worthless garbage “superiors”.Within the past day, two ridiculous things have happened. Payday was supposed to be today, or technically yesterday for those of us with Pacific Marine Credit Union.Who of course, has the worst luck and didn’t get paid? Me. I go to speak to the finance people and they tell me, “Whoops, someone put the wrong code on your file so your paycheck will be late.”… “How late?”, I asked. They respond with a “Up to a week.” You see, my problem with this is that I have a family and like a majority of Marines, we live paycheck to paycheck. Rent was due today so I had to borrow money. How is this acceptable at all? Now I’m scraping the empty barrel. Next thing, I get my medical record.What do they do? They screwed it up. Apparently I have been in the Marine Corps since 2001, I was a teenager in 2010, none of which is true. Now I have to fix it before they release me.

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  • ManEatingPenguin

    Shit happens. Everyone makes mistakes. I will give you a piece of advice, though. If you have a family, you shouldn’t be living paycheck to paycheck. Before you get out, go see a financial planner and plan a budget. I know you probably won’t have a job lined up immediately when you get out, but you do know that you will be getting your severance as well as what you rate monthly from DoD and VA, (you won’t actually get anything from the VA until your severance is paid off), so you at least will have some basis on which to make a plan. Best of luck.

  • MC Pest Control

    One of the first things the have you do when you get to your new unit is complete the personal finance so that Marines know how to manage money. Guess that doesn’t apply to you though huh? Who are you going to blame that one on? what kind of car do you drive…living pay check to pay check with a family…sounds like you need to set YOUR priorities straight. Its never too late. Oh, and dump Pacific marine and get with Navy Fed you’ll get paid faster, wrong code or not, they’re insured to pay you and your allotments. Make better decisions so you don’t have to worry about the incompetency of others!

  • GetReal

    I will give you 2 a piece of advice. Don’t criticize someone for living paycheck to paycheck when you don’t know what his situcation. Maybe a spouse lost her job and 2 incomes went to one, and he’s making due as best as he can? ever think of that? Jerks.

  • Kstomp

    try supporting a wife with two daughters on $1448 a paycheck, I have no huge complaints about the USMC, I was just on the Marine of The Quarter Board today. But none of it matters… Let’s be honest some Marines work more than they should for what little they’re paid. Maybe the kid really has no control of his budget, or maybe he’s like me and has every cent accounted for, but still needs that paycheck every 1st and 15th.

    • KstompSucksAss

      $1448 a paycheck??? I support my wife and two kids on $900 a paycheck…and I don’t live paycheck to paycheck, with a huge car note and numerous bills…learn to budget. You act like it’s hard to live with $1448 a check, lol…idiot.


        First of all, unless you two live in a similar area of the country, you can’t even begin to compare one another. The cost of living varies too much from place to place.

        In a small town, there are some places where you can get a large 3 or 4 bedroom house for $700-$800 per month; in Vista California, a cheap 1 or 2 bedroom apartment is gonna run you at least $1,000, and decent ones can easily go for $1,700 or more per month.

        So assuming that one person has budgeting issues because they have issues making ends meet even though they get paid more than you, ignores an awful lot of other variables.

        Safety and Peace.

      • Greenstains

        Simple minded jackass…

      • alsdf

        Where did you live at? Mississippi? Try living in California with that pay.


      Horseshit, Marines are lazy, do very little real work, and get paid entirely to much, for what little they accomplish. Busy work is not real work.

  • DirtbagE6

    i love how people blame the Marine who didnt get paid, for not getting paid. Who gives a shit what his situation is. the fact is , is that he didnt get paid. and it wasnt his fault. if you were my jarhead, you would be taken care of. period.

  • ThatOneGuy

    Who’s the incompetent one here?? First of all, the Marine Corps doesn’t handle your finances, so it’s not their fault. Secondly, the Marine Corps doesn’t handle your medical records either.

    • thejerk

      I am not sure what the hell you are talking about, but the mc does handle your finances in some ways. They used to fuck mine up all the time and I would have to go to admin to make them fix it. If they dont have anything to do with finances how the hell are they able to fix it? Just wondering, I honestly have no clue.


        I think he’s trying to say “Well it’s not the marine corps’ fault that you have bills that need to get paid. You should’ve saved more money.” or something along those lines. Frankly, it’s kind of a sad argument because there are a lot of variables in a person’s situation that you might not be able to predict, but I think that’s what he’s going for.

  • DevilDog

    What a freaking cry baby. Waa waa waa. How about you step up, be responsible and stp living fucking paycheck to paycheck. I don’t care how big of a family you have. Either make them work or only buy the necessities. What a freaking moron.


      So how about you tell me where he lives, what the cost of living in his area is, how much he gets paid, how much his BAH is, how large his family is, and what unemployment statistics in the area look like.

      What’s that? You don’t know? So, you mean to tell me that you’re so incredibly foolish that you can just wave your hand and say “stop living paycheck to paycheck” and suddenly his bills will be changed so that it’s a realistic possibility?
      That’s incredible! You should really work that magic on all of the homeless people in the U.S.! Hell, you should do it for the whole world! Who knows, I bet you could single-handedly end world hunger just by waving your hand and saying “only buy the necessities”! I’m so glad you’ve chosen to grace this site with your almighty presence!

      Safety and Peace

      • EX-MARINE

        He has a government job and a guaranteed paycheck, the military pays for his housing, give him comrats, ect. he has no excuses expcept that he’s a dumbass.

        • NINJA_PUNCH

          How about I give you an example of a valid excuse aside from “he’s a dumbass”. In 2010 my father lost his job. Since he and my mom were divorced, he was the only source of income for all of his bills and the house payment. Obviously – being divorced – most of his savings were lost in the divorce process and he really didn’t have much time to find a new job before he would end up losing his house. Therefore, to prevent my father from being homeless, as a LCpl, I started making his house payments for him until he found a job (which he eventually did). And I did that without receiving a BAH.

          As I said before, you don’t know what his living expenses are, what his family situation looks like, etc. Therefore you can’t conclude very much about him or his spending habits.

          Safety and Peace

    • M4 Jam

      “DevilDog” you are an idiot and a complete moron. If you dont know what the hell is going on in that marine’s life, than dont freaking spill crap like that out of your mouth. You are a sack of crap with a hole on the bottom, that only has crap coming out of it. Get real and get some common sense… Oh wait such things dont exist in the USMC.


    I am a senior leader who is on active duty. I agree with ninja punch in many respects. It is the responsibility of leadership to endure all its Marines in its charge are ready at all times, that includes financially! Devil Dog and the others in here who are bashing this Marine are wrong! You need to make sure your Marines are taken care of in every aspect. If you are not doing this then what it tells me is that you don’t care about your Marines except the ones you like to play good ol boys with. It this attitude of boo hoo, wah and suck it up that is destroying the Marine Corps. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU MARINES SO DON’T BASH THEM, TAKE CARE OF THEM! If you expect them to perform to a standard then you as a leader better get off your ass, quit running your mouth reckless and train them to that standard!