Job/House Hunting


Okay, so I’m not bashing on the idea of enjoying some all natural herbal supplements, but I’d appreciate some help that’s offered to those who are “Involuntary separating”, which is defined as such:

In the case of a regular enlisted member serving on active duty, the member is

(A) denied reenlistment, or

(B) involuntarily discharged under other than adverse conditions, as characterized by the Secretary concerned; and
It’s not like I’m transitioning because I hate the USMC or something …hahahaha…(not the entire Corps but some things grind my gears)
I digress, The real reasoning behind this post is to demonstrate the very reasons on why I hate the problems most prevalent in the USMC. Let’s reward those that say, get fat (I’m not talking to those kind few that actually have a weight problem but those that intentionally get fat for the following) and “INVOLUNTARY SEPARATE” DUE TO:
consecutive PFT/CFT failures (can’t remember the number at the moment)
failing height and weight standards and sucking at the fat body programs.
I get it if that’s your thing, but why shouldn’t I be afforded some of the same benefits you receive for what I can see as the most hypocritical status as a “Involuntary Seperatee”.
To me it was obviously apparent that you chose to get fat and get out. I’ve seen it in other branches and have had guys tell me that’s exactly how they’re getting out. In the navy, you get paid involuntary separation. It blows my mind. “OH you poor thing..We’re so sorry you got fat so let us help you transition out..” Okay for some of you, Let’s help you out and help you transition successfully to the civilian world. As my First Sergeant told me, transition to become a model civilian that makes others wish they had joined the USMC to become that much better of a person. bla bla blah motivation.
BUT, how am I not allowed a simple PTAD for JOB/ HUNTING or I don’t know…House Hunting…Well Devil Dog, You should just take some Terminal. I admit that works for most people, but why wouldn’t the Marine Corps extend this to those who get out under Honorable separations. You serve your time and do it well, and I guess they must be thinking along these lines: “Well we haven’t had to do much for this guy all this time so let’s just let em figure out this whole transitioning thing.”
For some this may make me come off as a bottle fed twit who can’t figure it out. I also understand that this is the ONLY organization that will pay you to attend a class to ease transitioning to the civilian world. But, there’s more help to those that abuse the system than by those that play fair and honest. I guess it’s the only thing I’ve really learned is: “Best to lie and get away with it when you know at an absolute that you can, than to be honest and suffer the wrath of the formidable and sometimes enjoyable green-weenie.”
Just in-case you are thinking: “Oh what’s the order say” Here it is:
(11) Transition. Transition PTAD is authorized for Marines being
involuntarily separated from active duty if discharged under honorable or
general (under honorable conditions) and as discussed below.
MCO 1050.3J
And as always,
There are many like me, dress like me, sound like me, and look like me, BUT I shall always be TheOtherTwin.