Join The Marines They Said….


The Marine Corps is portrayed as bad ass 24/7 kicking down doors, and partying. They don’t show all the rules and regulations. They don’t tell you that joining to be a machinegunner will log you with more hours behind a lawnmower or as janitor.

You will be expolited at every level , made to do non work related tasks, be massed punished, find yourself repeatedly in situations where either option is going to have negative effects. Example. Trying to go to school, but your SSgt won’t sign off on your TA form because he is a bitter lifer with no education. Then when you tell your officer in charge, he asks the SSgt, so the SSgt lies, or exclaims it just was a miscommunication.

So you end up getting to attend night courses, but know you are on your bosses bad side because you went over his head for something you are entitled too, and something that worthless human being should be reluctant to assist you with after you have accumulated more awards in 2 years of deployments than he has in his sad pathetic 20 years dodging deployments.

Oh yeah the Marine Corps is so much fun, I love having other people who are mad at the world live my life for me. Some guy with $30,000 in debt and 4 kids on his 3rd wife yet he still manages to talk down to you because you forgot to blouse your right boot, while he goes home and gets drunk only looking foward to coming to work the next day pissed off to order you around like a slave and nitpicking at everything you do. Yelling at you for taking initiative. Yelling at you when you ask to many questions, and don’t forget yelling at you when you decide not to ask questions and wait for instructions.

I fell for Full Metal Jacket, and the recruiters pitch. They don’t lie they just don’t tell you about working parties, field day, mass punishment, haircuts, the working weekends, libo briefs, sitting and waiting, working non stop, civilian clothing regulations, curfew, being 21 but only being allowed 6 beers in your room, no girls in your room. The Marine Corps was indeed the worst decision of my life. I am now in college and loving being free. However I still feel robbed of my childhood and it’s my own fault because I never listened. Hopefully you guys can.

Originally posted by Tyler32Ross on 43things.